The Best Eyeliners for Every Eye Color, According to the Experts

The runways have spoken, and colored eyeliner is the effortless yet high-impact beauty look that we all need to have in our beauty arsenals this season. We’ve been keeping it pretty low-key in the makeup department thanks to COVID-19 (Why wear a full face if you’re just sitting at home?), but now that restrictions are lifting, so is our desire to glam it up and express ourselves with bold, colorful makeup. And since face masks are still going to be a part of our daily lives (sorry lipstick, your time will come), it looks like the eyes are taking center stage.

“It’s been a very bleak year and a half, and colorful wardrobes and makeup help us create something fun and exciting to distract ourselves,” explains makeup artist and creative director of dome Beauty, Geneva Fong, of the recent trend. Celebrity makeup artist Dani Kimoko Vincent shares this sentiment, adding, “I think that we’re all in need of some fun and expressiveness at this time. It feels like the right moment for playful color and positivity.”

And there’s no better place to experiment with the playfulness of color (when it comes to makeup, anyway) than the eyes. No matter if you’re a brown-eyed girl or have bright baby blues, choosing the right colored eyeliner for your eyes can help intensify your look or bring out certain features. Want to make your hazel eyes look more green? Try an emerald liner. Want to make your brown eyes appear brighter? Opt for a plum shade. No matter your desire, we consulted the pros to break down the best colored eyeliners that will bring attention to your eyes so they can do all the talking.