The Best and Most Inspiring Drag Makeup Moments From Film and TV

In 2007, our mum’s favourite heartthrob transformed into Edna Turnblad for the musical romantic comedy film Hairspray. Edna is the lead Tracy Turnblad’s mother, and honestly, she steals the show. Edna has many iconic looks throughout this film, but our fave look of all is worn in the finale scene, when she sings and dances to You Can’t Stop the Beat. In this scene she finally realises that being curvy doesn’t stop her from being a badass.

She wears her hair in a classic sixties up-do with bouncy bangs, she dona long dangly gold earrings, sparkly gold lip gloss and she has a strong brow moment happening too. Not only is her make-up look on point, but her outfit is suuuuuper drag, being a red glitter ball gown with a skirt she takes off halfway through the dance, turning the costume into a mini-dress with gold tassels. The whole thing is iconic. If you’re having a bad day, watch this scene, I implore you.

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