Devyn Garcia is the Rookie Who’s A Victoria Secret Staple


Devyn Garcia

DNA Models (New York)



Place of Origin:
Miami Beach, FL, USA

Ethnic Origin:
My dad’s side is Spanish; my great grandparents emigrated to Cuba from the Canary Islands, had my grandma, and came to Miami, Florida. My mom on the other hand was adopted by my grandparents in West Virginia and they said her mother was Native American and her father was mixed, half white half black.



How discovered:
Senior year of high school I knew I didn’t want to do the college route of living in a dorm and go to class every other day. I really wanted to travel and see different sides of the world, so I thought why not try modeling? My mom modeled for about 15 years and seeing the locations she would travel to shoot made me intrigued. End of senior year I sent out digitals to agencies all over the US and just so happened an agency in New York decided to sign me.

Best modeling experience so far?
Working with VS has been a really great experience. I’ve got to shoot in some amazing locations and meet so many talented artists. It’s always a really good time on set, especially during COVID times I’m blessed to interact with people and create something special. I do also want to say working on GAP’s “Individuals” campaign was a lot of fun as well. When shooting the video, I got to mess around and just have fun with it while music was blasting in the background.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Currently, I’m obsessed with skating the pump track back home in Miami. I use the skate brand Carver, it’s called a “surf skate” because it’s like surfing but on the ground. Those boards are really fun to cruise on. I’m trying to get back into surfing as well, there was a time during high school when I was a hard-headed teen that I just didn’t want to surf. But being back home during COVID has really made me appreciate how much the ocean and surfing can do for you.

What is something you’ve always wanted to do/try?
Go to outer space, hahaha! I’ve heard sometimes when astronauts come back to Earth, they can’t see Earth the same because of what they’ve seen in space. When I was little, I remember watching the Hubble space telescope documentary and was really fascinated with what’s out there.

How do you want to make an impact in the world?
I really want people to try using less plastic! Lately, I’ve been really into shampoo bars. So instead of buying a plastic bottle, you buy a bar that you lather in your hand then rub on your scalp which has zero plastic. Most of the clothes I have been buying are ethical and sustainable. They are pricier than fast fashion, but the quality is great and lasts a long time. Hoping everyone can start making little changes to be more sustainable.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
In all honesty, I think the best advice I’ve received is just to be nice. I’ll never understand people who waste energy on being negative and mean.