Welcome Back Your Social Life With These 12 Going-Out Outfits

It’s official: The days of going out have returned and we are more than ready to reunite with our social lives and our nighttime wardrobes. While we will certainly continue to embrace the new ease of dressing (a hybrid of functional and fashionable ensembles), there is a joie de vivre in getting dressed up. Sometimes, a little glam just feels good. 

There is no right or wrong when getting dressed for a night (or day) out. From minimalist-inspired, tailored looks and monochromatic styles to mini dresses and full-length, silk numbers, there are plenty of options. However, if you feel a bit unsure about where to start—probably, due to the lack of social events this past year—you’re not alone. Fortunately, we’ve curated a range of looks from our favorite style icons to inspire your next outing. So, it’s finally time to break out the going-out outfit essentials. Think: strappy Bottega Veneta heels, structured Gucci shoulder bags, and Jacquemus cut-out dresses. Whether you’re attending a long-awaited summer wedding (yes, there are about to be a lot of weddings this season) or simply headed to an al fresco dinner at your go-to restaurant  with friends, we have no doubt that you will find your look below.