If Loving Clogs Is Wrong, We Don’t Want to Be Right

What’s that sound? It’s the return of the clog. The classic, Dutch wooden shoe may have been around since the 1200s, but it’s most commonly linked with the platform-obsessed era of the 1970s. Considering the current resurgence of ’70s fashion—which is set to get even bigger, thanks to the anticipated House of Gucci movie—it’s about time for a clog comeback. 

Ugly footwear and sneakers may have been our go-to for a year spent mostly indoors in 2020, but our return to the real world calls for something a bit more showy. This is where the clog (loved by both Rachel Bilson and reigning Brit “It” girl Alexa Chung) comes in. Reinterpreted for the modern consumer, 2021’s must-have clogs come as towering sandals, gingham slip-ons, and even sneaker-inspired styles. If you’re a fan of the more traditional-looking wooden clog, don’t worry: there are plenty of designer takes on those this season, too. 

Ahead, we round up 17 of the most fashionable clogs to get you through the summer. Bonus tip? Pair them with some cozy socks and most of these will see you through to fall.