63-Year-Old Arlinda McIntosh Doesn’t Listen to Anyone’s Style Opinions—and You Shouldn’t Either

Dressing can be a rushed pursuit. We throw on clothes as we text “on the way!” and panic buy for a spontaneous event. It may sound a little crazy, but have you actually taken the time to get to know your clothes? Understanding why you’re attracted to certain pieces, how they work with other garments and your-day to-day life, can take dressing from being an intricate event to a natural extension of you. 

“I have a very intimate relationship with fashion,” explains McIntosh. “I used to think ‘oh, I’m going to throw everything away that I wouldn’t want to be photographed in,’ and then I thought it’s all just fabric. Now, what I focus on is the conversation I am having with a particular top, or bottom, or earrings. Sometimes I’ll even wear two different types of earrings.”

The same way many of us peruse the dating scene, whittling down potential partners by considering how they look in our different life settings, is how we should approach dressing. But like a lover, it’s crucial to know when the conversation is over—when to set them free. 

“When my conversation is done with a particular garment, when I have talked as much as I can, then I let it go and converse with somebody else,” notes McIntosh.