8 Types of Earrings Everyone Needs In Their Collection

Jewelry has the unique ability to take you back in time, as most trends can be traced back thousands of years. This includes hoops, which were said to have originated around 2,500 B.C. among Sumerian women and in the ancient African civilization of Nubia. Hoops are arguably the one earring that never seems to go out of style. They’re just as chic when embellished with diamonds, like Cadar’s Solo hoops, or with a beautiful textured finish, like Carolina Bucci’s large Florentine hoops, which are made by Florentine craftsmen at the designer’s workshop in Italy. Temple St. Clair is another designer who brings a whimsical take to her pieces: her hoops, including these small Yoga earrings with tiny beads, are no exception.

While yellow gold is a popular metal for hoops, Suzanne Kalan crafts hers with white gold. Her Fireworks style features diamonds that sparkle from several angles for a more dynamic effect than your classic pair. Small and understated or large and statement-making, you can’t go wrong with a hoop.