10 Best Liquid Bronzers For A Gorgeous Summer Glow

There’s no better way to give yourself a gorgeous faux glow than with bronzer. (OK, maybe with a solid self-tanning sesh.) Whether you’re a regular wearer or not, you’ve probably played it safe with traditional cream textures or seemingly fool-proof powders. But here’s the thing: these formulas often lean too orange, too muddy, or—gasp—cake up your complexion. Thankfully, we’ve seen a resurgence of liquid complexion-enhancers across the board. It started with liquid blushes and highlighters, and now, there’s a new booster in town: liquid bronzer. 

These upgraded fluid formulas are light in texture, packed with natural-looking color, and won’t cake up or sweat off after hours of wear. Best of all, they’re perfect for people with mature or dry skin types, as they won’t accentuate flaky patches, fine lines, or wrinkles. Glide them onto your skin for a dewy, sunkissed finish and say hello to a post-island glow.