24 Dry White Wines to Try When You Don’t Want Just Another Pinot Grigio

As we swing into summer, we look forward to leisurely lunches, seaside sunsets, and lots of outdoor entertaining at home. Whether friends are coming over for an alfresco feast or you are enjoying a solo night in the garden, you’re going to need wine—and plenty of it. Not just any wine: but dry white wines.

“Dry white wines stand out because they pair so well with such a wide range of fine culinary cuisine, as well as comfort foods,” sommelier Chris Sawyer explains. Sawyer, a former personal sommelier to the Getty family, is currently the resident wine expert at Melier, a new wine platform changing the way consumers enjoy wine. He’s a massive fan of dry white wines for their aromatic qualities and easy drinkability. Not to mention their lack of residual sugar means that they can be paired with everything from poke to pizza. 

What makes dry whites so hot right now? Sawyer believes that we, as a culture, have grown up and expanded our palettes and culinary horizons. “Back in the 1970s, sweet Riesling and sweet Chenin Blanc were all the rage, but look at the food culture we had. It was steak and potatoes, very basic kinds of things. No one knew anything about sushi or Mediterranean-style foods,” he explains. “We didn’t walk down the aisles at farmer’s markets. We’ve gotten to a different level, and we don’t need wines that taste like soda pop anymore.” Instead, savvy vinophiles are searching for exciting whites that balance acid, fruit, and minerality. Ready to jump on the dry white wine bandwagon? Here are 24 bottles of delicious whites that are ideal for lazy summer sipping.