Hate Waxing? Try This Sweet Alternative

Warmer temperatures are here and we’re ready to officially say goodbye to our sweatpants and hello to breezy summer outfits. Nothing gives us more confidence when wearing short shorts and flowing dresses than having silky smooth legs. But if you’ve tried shaving, waxing, epilation, laser hair removal and still haven’t found the sweet spot between pain-free and bare results, then we’ve got a technique for you: it’s called sugaring.

It’s hardly a new trend.

In fact, Cleopatra was known to use this technique on her royal legs, which famously drove men wild (at least that’s what the movies show us). Salome Sallehy, the founder of Sugar Sugar Wax, tells us that the first records of sugar being used as a hair removal tool “dates back to the earliest era of the Persian Empire about 3,000 years ago. It wasn’t until a few hundred years later, however, that Cleopatra popularized sugaring in ancient Egypt.”

So now that we know the roots of this age-old technique, let’s get into the specifics. We consulted three skincare experts to break down everything you need to know about sugaring, the benefits, and exactly what you need to achieve the hair-free legs of your summertime dreams.