The Nespresso Machine of Luxury Skincare Is Here and It’s the Stuff of Lazy Girl Dreams

So, what exactly is in the formula that makes it so unique? The answer is, well, a lot. For its first collection of Opoule treatments, the brand decided to tackle one of the beauty industry’s most revered (and sometimes frustrating) ingredients: retinol. Available in three strengths (0.025 percent, 0.05 percent, and 0.1 percent), the Retinol+ Ramp-Up Night Cream Regimen consists of four weeks of single-dose nightly retinol Opoules, which allows you to start low and gradually increase as your skin adjusts to the retinization process. The retinol itself is also anhydrous (meaning it contains no water), making it both highly stable and low in preservatives, and precisely measured to ensure you’re receiving a controlled, even dosage every time. 

“What I really love about the Opulus System is that it takes the guesswork out of everything,” says New York-based dermatologist Dr. Marnie Nussbaum. “Many jars and creams containing retinol degrade and become oxidative and unstable over time, which means you may not be getting what you think you’re getting in terms of concentration. But with the Opulus System, I know I’m getting a precise dosage at peak potency with each use.”

To help minimize some of retinol’s less- desirable side effects (i.e., dryness, redness, peeling, etc.), each pod also comes with a host of other beneficial ingredients, including ceramides, hydrosoluble vitamin C, bakuchiol, and vitamin E. Together, they provide a boost of hydrating, brightening, and soothing benefits while simultaneously protecting the skin from the potentially irritating effects of the encapsulated retinol.