Add Master Mixologist to Your Resume with These 16 Bar Sets

To fully immerse oneself in a new hobby—be it ballet or golf—you’ll need to invest in the necessary tools. Without slippers and a set of clubs, it’s pretty hard to pirouette or drive a hole in one. The same applies to aspiring home mixologists. If you want to wow your friends and family with your bartending prowess, you need the essentials for mixing craft cocktails. Not just a shaker and strainer, but a good bottle opener, a jigger for measuring ingredients, and a juicer for squeezing fresh lemons and limes. A long-handled spoon, ice bucket, and muddler are also good to have on hand—just add them to your bar cabinet. Luckily, the majority of these items are often sold together as a complete set. Find the collection that best suits your style—shop our favorites below—and you’ll be ready to mix margaritas, mai tais, and martinis in no time.