20 Natural Lip Balms You’ll Never Leave Home Without

Clean beauty is the word on everyone’s lips; from everyday organic body washes to cool natural mascaras, the search for paraben-free moisturized skin and a dewy glow is all the rage. But as we take stock of our skincare essentials, swapping out questionable ingredients for cleaner alternatives, one product we shouldn’t neglect is natural lip balm.

Made with organic ingredients like shea butter, rose oil, and agave nectar, natural lips balms have evolved from the hard wax-like remedies of the past to smooth formulas that will plump, hydrate, and protect your lips to perfection. However, with oxymoronic trends like natural makeup on the rise, it can be difficult to distinguish truly natural lip balms from other moisturizers on the market. But don’t worry, your lips don’t have to stay dry for too long—we’re here to help.