Van Strahl is the Rookie Legacy Who Walked for Vaquera’s Only Show

Van Strahl was photographed exclusively for by Martina Keenan. All clothes model’s own. Thanks to Gaspard.


Van Strahl

Next New York



Place of Origin:
New York City

Ethnic Origin:
Serbian and Eastern European



How discovered:
It was honestly though the course of my life, I was doing Target ads when I was little and had always wanted to end up getting signed. My mother (Danielle Zinaich) definitely helped me a lot because of the sheer amount of people in the industry who may be interested in me. Around my senior year, I walked for Vaquera under Walter Pearce (a longtime family friend). From there I began to get more interest and finally was signed by Next about 2 years ago over the summer.

Best modeling experience so far?
Departures mag was a fun experience because of the amazing wardrobe selection for the shoot. Another one would have to be Elle mag with Samira Nasr, she’s so much fun to work with.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
I’ve really been into bettering myself as a human being. As someone who has issues with anxiety, I’ve been really into meditation and making my overall living environment less stressful and more productive. I’ve also been getting back into shooting short films so definitely be on the lookout for those.

What is something you’ve always wanted to do/try?
I want to be a farmer when I’m older and retired. Live a self-sustained life and be closer to nature. Or build a house, that sounds like the type of challenge I could use.

How do you want to make an impact in the world?
I’d love to see a healthier earth in my lifetime. I definitely want to be remembered for making a conscious effort to keep fashion and photography a more sustainable and environmentally-centered industry.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
“Don’t worry about the past or future, the present is the only thing you have control of.”