11 Bottega Veneta Sandals for Making a Well-Heeled Entrance

ICYMI: Bottega Veneta shoes are having a moment. The jury is out on what makes the brand’s designs so magnetic—some credit it to Bottega’s bevy of unpredictable colorways (seagrass, egg yolk, peach, etc.), which are near-impossible to find anywhere else. Others will point out its simple, sculptural silhouettes, all of which are infused with the label’s iconic intrecciato weave. One thing’s for certain: ever since 35-year-old Daniel Lee took the helm in 2018, the brand’s releases have been nothing short of groundbreaking. 

Fast-forward to 2021, and style fans are hard at work trying to nail down what the next must-have shoe will be for spring (after the padded sandal’s whirlwind success claimed 2019 and 2020). A few candidates are already taking shape across categories, all of which are sure to add éclat to any outfit—and styling options are in no shortage. As you peruse the selection, consider budgeting for one of the brand’s matching handbags as well. This way, you can take a stab at the synced bag-shoe situation that Bottega has widely popularized amongst It-girls.