11 Innovative Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf This Summer

Multi-use beauty products are necessary. But multi-wear fashion staples are quickly becoming our new favorites. Think: One-piece swimsuits that double as bodysuits; oversized button-down shirts that can be worn as beach cover-ups. Our latest obsession? The silk scarf. 

Soon to inundate our Instagram feeds, silk scarves are proving to be summer’s most versatile item. French luxury house Hermès is known for its signature silk scarves, often adorning a handle  of the Birkin Bag, or sophisticatedly fastened around the neck. Now, other design houses like Dior and Chanel are getting in on the trend. 

Whether you loosely tie a silk scarf around your hair (like a bandana) for a beach-inspired look, or fold and knot a large silk scarf around your torso as a handkerchief-style top, the options are endless. Here are 11 to get you started.