Find the Right Furnishings When Shopping Sectionals Online with These Tips

One fine day your mind wandered, and eventually you thought, “This room could really benefit from a sectional.” You rush to the computer or tablet, excited at the idea of purchasing new home decor and furniture. You jump into your favorite search engine or online furniture store and hastily type in “sectionals.” 

And that is where the excitement ends. How do you choose from all of the many options?

Navigating Types of Sectionals

If you’re looking at the lists of sectionals trying to sort out what’s what, you’re not alone. Depending on who you talk to, there are at least four different types of sectionals. These include:

  • The traditional L-shape sectional sofa
  • An L-shape sectional with a chaise for the shorter side
  • A U-shape sectional, with one, both, or neither of the sides as a chaise
  • Modular sectionals that can be rearranged at whim

When you don’t know what you’re looking for, sifting through all of these sectionals to find the right piece can be confusing and frustrating. It is a good idea to know what type of sectional you require before you begin your search.

Of course, the best sectionals are those that are modular. For example, the Rawcliffe sectional comes in several pieces that can be manipulated as needed. One day you can have a U-shaped sectional for a meeting of minds, and the next you can fill it all in for a conversation pit for an old fashioned slumber party. 

Whatever type of sectional you land on, make the choice before you start really searching.

Narrow Down Colors and Patterns

When you shop locally you may browse the stores as much for inspiration as for prices. When you shop online, having such a vague starting point will leave you scrolling through products for hours. It is important to go into your online shopping experience with an idea in mind of what you want your home to be.

Usually it isn’t hard to decide on a theme or pattern that you would like to use as the center focus of your new living room or other common space. If you have certain colors or patterns in mind, search your favorite online furniture store with keywords like “red” or “stripe.” 

Pro Tip: You can also add keywords such as styles, brands, or specific product lines like the Rawcliffe sectionals.

Double check your measurements.

The biggest reason people don’t like to buy furniture online is that they are afraid it will not be what they hoped. Size is a huge part of that, especially when it comes to sectionals. 

If the furniture you are looking at doesn’t offer exact dimensions as part of the description, you should probably move on. Sectionals are especially tricky, as they are usually much deeper than the average sofa. Most people are unaware of this difference unless they have seen one first hand. 

Make sure that you measure your space for a sectional, including the potential depth of the piece. If you find a sectional you like, double check its measurements and use cardboard to lay out a template on the floor. This will ensure that you have the correct size for your space. 

By being armed with knowledge and categories before you start really shopping, you’ll be able to find the right sectional for your living room with ease.